Susan Carson is available for commissions or bookings.


Susan Carson is a working, practicing and evolving visual artist, specializing in expressive paintings and sketches, mainly of musicians and abstract figures. Carson works mainly in acrylic and mixed media to achieve a painterly, lively style using rich, vibrant color and texture.  She has participated in community “outdoor art” projects and has exhibited in museums and galleries. 


Susan Carson is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Columbus, Ohio, living in Stamford, CT. Throughout years of performing in the Central and Eastern US and Canada, she has produced 2 full-length independent albums with her band The Susans in Ohio and has appeared as a vocalist and bassist on an independent album by The Laura DeLallo Band in Connecticut. In addition to recording, Carson has made live appearances on radio shows, showcased in music industry events, headlined community festivals, played as a solo artist, performed as a duo and has fronted a full band in well over 1000 performances. Current live musical projects are Me and D, The Objection and The Vagabonds.

Displaying an extremely dynamic vocal range, she delivers raw, personal original material as well as cover songs from a variety of genre. Carson’s original songs come from the internal struggle of emotion and reconciling one’s place in the world. A very muscular sound and presence on stage, Susan Carson is a professional performer who captivates audiences with intimate, honest performance delivered in a skilled and polished package.