Hi, friends. I’ve decided to start sharing some of my writings on my blog. I will be posting my lyrics, poetry, prose, haiku, etc., here for you to enjoy. I may even occasionally share an excerpt from a book I am working on. Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe. I try to not take it all too personally and I am not seeking “Likes”. I will continue to share my art and music as usual, just adding my words to the mix. It’s all connected. Like us. And why do I feel the need to tell you this? Because by putting it out there, I am holding myself accountable. Sorry, this is how I do things.

Are you a creative person? Do you write, craft, sing, play an instrument, draw? People who do one of these things usually do many of these things. Some people are so creative that they can’t even sit or stand somewhere without doodling, singing, rapping or something. I am not one of these people to whom it comes easily. It is something I work at constantly although I am always thinking of things I want to create. It just takes discipline for me to execute. I make time each day for music and art, but writing has always been an afterthought until recently. For the past few year, I have been writing daily. It started out as basic journaling, but has developed into a nice routine of challenges. I’ve outlined some book ideas, worked out some lyrics for songs, and developed an entertaining haiku practice.

I would like to share some of this here on my blog page. Some new, some old. But for me, it is all “current” because it is all still a part of me. And I’m still alive.

2 thoughts on “Words

  1. You write very well, says the mother of a writer! I understand what you say about accountability, but I hope it isn’t pressure. Your creative flow is beautiful.
    I kept journals for years as “therapy”, and did all kinds of exercises; non-dominant hand, dream interpretation, word association…. It all helped. Then, I told my children NEVER to read them because there is a lot of negativity in them as I was healing. Now I have a journal for the joys in my life.
    Also, I have written letters to my children since they were born. The box of them became unwieldy, so I bought a journal for each of them. I write the letters there. They’ve read those once. When the Columbine shootings happened, my girls were in school. Parents were encouraged to talk w/ their kids about it. I couldn’t think of anything original to say, so I just left the “letter books” out for them to read. Now, I have a “letter book” for my granddaughter, tho I do send her snail mail letters often.
    Ciao, bella,

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