Happy New Year

New Year New Artists! This is the name of the New Member Art Exhibition in which I am participating as a new member of the Loft Artists Association located in Stamford, CT. I was recently juried into this association of artists, which is a huge deal for me since I have sort of been ‘stalking’ this organization since I moved to Connecticut in 2003. For years, I have attended every Open Studios or exhibition they have held and finally decided to submit my own portfolio to the jury to see if they would accept me.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram have watched and commented over the years as my art has evolved and developed. I appreciate that very much. Some of you have even been the subject of some of my paintings and sketches and some have purchased art from me. Thank you for the support!

In addition to joining the Loft Artists Association, I have recently moved into an onsite studio in the building at 575 Pacific Street, Stamford, CT. It is 200 square feet of JOY! It is a place of my own to create, collaborate with other artists, learn and make a huge mess. I will be working in this studio throughout 2020 and hope to share this journey with you.

This past weekend I got to go in and help set up my first art exhibition. I have a lot to learn, but I am very enthusiastic, and I am so impressed by and appreciative of all the help I am receiving from the other LAA members.

New Year New Artists will run at the Loft Artists Association from January 4 – February 2, 2020 with the OPENING RECEPTION on Saturday, January 11 from 5-7pm.

I invite you to join me at the reception for new art, refreshments, socializing and music by Grammy-nominated recording artist Sundad. I also invite you to head over to my home page where you can subscribe to my newsletter/mailing list to be in-the-know on events and happenings in my CarsonArtMusic world, whether art or music.

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