One Day At A Time

Hi. It has been awhile. I planned to blog regularly, but I just haven’t. I started to write some big explanation of why, but changed my mind. Anyone else beat themselves up for procrastinating or not doing things they said they would do?

Anyway, each day I do try to do something creative or something to further my creative skills or my creative endeavors. Sometimes it is practicing guitar or learning a new song. Sometimes it is reading a book or article on color theory or how to use Instagram for your art portfolio. The goal is to take one day at a time to develop my creative life. Just work a little each day.

Yesterday I finished a painting. It was a painting I started a few months ago and I wasn’t happy with it, so yesterday I painted over the whole thing and just played with color and rhythm. It felt really good to not restrict myself to copying a particular photo or model. I just painted what I felt and allowed myself to enjoy the vibrancy of the colors. I enjoy working with bright colors and I really like to paint people playing music. I like to leave the faces, sometimes even the gender, ambiguous and relatable so the viewer can create their own story in their mind. This one is loosely based on a friend I jam with.

I hope you can sense the rhythm and joy of music in this work and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts.

Ps…it is available for sale. 😉

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